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Revised February 22, 2019

Weekday: For Keio New Line and Sasazuka

馬喰横山 平日:新宿・京王線方面

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  • Black: Local
  • Red: Express
  • A: Operates as a Rapid on the Keio Line
  • B: Operates as a Semi-Express on the Keio Line
  • C: Operates as an Express on the Keio Line
  • No symbol: for Sasazuka
  • 新: for Shinjuku
  • 桜: for Sakurajosui
  • 山: for Takaosanguchi
  • 若: for Wakabadai
  • 多: for Keio-tama-center
  • 橋: for Hashimoto
  • ■: Connects to a Local at Jimbocho.
  • ◎: Connects to the Keio New Line at Shinjuku.
  • ▽: Train will be passed by an Express at Iwamotocho.
[Number of cars]
  • No symbol: 10-car trains
  • ⑧: 8-car trains

※Schedule is subject to change.